“What wine goes with Captain Crunch?”
― George Carlin

Lector is the first literary themed wine shop based in Florida and offering selections online. 

We exclusively purvey natural and organic wines. Our wine program ranges from organic to biodynamic and SIP (sustainable in practice) with as little to no intervention in the field or in the bottle as possible.  

Wondering what makes a wine natural? Since there are no official regulations for natural wine, the definition is controversial and can be subjective. At Lector, we agree with RAWWine founder Isabelle Legeron’s definition of natural wines: those made with indigenous yeasts and with as little intervention from the winemaker as possible.  

That said, there are certainly great tasting organic and biodynamic wines that do not meet this strict definition. So, to keep it simple we will offer you both options. Ultimately, we strive to provide our customers with consciously made wines using sustainable viticultural practices.  

Don’t worry, our staff will make choosing your first bottle as simple as ordering a bowl of Captain Crunch.

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